Server has gone. Just completely vanished

Game mode: Online/PvE-C
Problem: Server has vanished
Region: EU/UK

My server, Wolves Beyond the Border (PvE-C, 10 slot), has completely vanished. What the hell Funcom? I renewed it on Saturday, was playing on it fine now it has gone. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Funcom doesn’t control private servers. Youll need to contact the admin, or Gportal if you are the admin.


I did that first, but so far nothing back from gportal.

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*Installs brand new smart thermostat

*Continues to yell at his gardener because it was not registered on the wifi

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I’ve been experienced the same thing with my private server I have to send it ticket with g portal it’s usually fixed but it’s a random occurrence is having me three times in the last couple weeks the server just doesn’t show up to contact g portal they do something and then it’s fixed again

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Ps4 pve-c server was kicked in to pve due last update…moved it back. No longer listed in history part of the time other’s experience this also.

Hey @WelshBarbarian1

We have no control over private servers. Please contact G-Portal’s support so they can help you bring your server back up.
Thank you for reaching out and hope your issue can be solved in due time.