Server keeps crashing 1808

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server goes down every 5 to 10 mins for atleast down time 15 to 20 mins

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we experience this on the unofficial dedicated server i play on too.

Gportal was contacted, and they returned as answer that they are under some maintenance (doing upgrade and such on their servers and other things with datacenter)

Here is what they are saying :

Maintenance Currently we are experiencing connection in the USA, We are in contact with the DataCenter and they are investigating the issue, And hope to have it resolved soon, There may be Ping spikes, disconnects, And the interface may not display settings correctly, Apologies for this, and We will compensate for all down time.

Since both our unofficial and officials are Gportal hosted, this could be the same answer to you.

thanks bud:)

yea server 1745 keeps going down as well. It’s all over it seems

It’s happening on all platforms. And all over america. I’ve spoken to a friend who lives outside the supposed outage area, in DC and he claims that the same servers are down for him as well. I play pc but also on console and our ps4 server has been the worst. I think it’s been up a total of three or four hours in the last two days. Also players are able to hurt other players during PVE In PVE conflict mode since the last update on ps4. Haven’t seen this on other platforms but it’s still troubling

Hey there everybody,

G-Portal informed that there was an outage in one of their nodes a few hours ago, but it should be working correctly now. Please let us know if this issue is resolved for you.

Thanks for your feedback.

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