Server Keeps Restarting

I hope this is where to report this. I play on official server 1942 and it has continuously been restarting.

I’m on that server as well, I’ve used the in-game server reporting tool…but no luck.

Also, another member of our server posted here: Official Server #1942 crashes every 1-5min

Ohh, I got tired of reporting the server in-game, but if you don’t know how here is my crappy post on it: Reporting Official Server- Save Data Entry for Future Reporting

I just used the Reporting Official Server option too. Thanks for that.

#1880 as well. Constantly restarting. Someone showed up and did a manual restart where you get the “server is restarting” message. Didnt fix it.

I click report official server but I don’t get a dialog box.

3522 has been doing it all day, before i left for work, and 8 hours later when i came home

1124 too

#1124 same, this is ridiculous funcom dont give a @%@$ about what happening on their game. Moderators just writing political mush like ,Yea yea we know we know, just send ticket and wait for eternal never" from yesterday server crashing once by once, you cant even log in for 5 mins. I send couple tickets/post also with video evidence how to crash and still no responce from funcom.

Forum moderators just simply removing uncomfortable post and closing topics.


people are crashing the server with t1 fence exploit same is happening in 1111 and 1124

Ah so thsts why someone was on about fences earlier.

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