Server launcher - external mod folder

I want to manage my mods externally. I’ve provided the file path to the .pak files but the launcher converts it to the mod ID and tries to download again. Can someone help me out and explain how to force it to an external folder? I’m managing my mods through my own scripts.

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Try BUGLE, it’s a Conan launcher that makes it quite easy to manage you mods.

BTW ~ Welcome to the forum. :+1:

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Can you tell me how you provided the path? Do you mean you wrote the path into the modlist.txt file? If so, what are you trying to do with the launcher that causes it to convert it to the ID?

While it’s true that BUGLE won’t try to play smart with your modlist, it doesn’t make it easier to manage non-Steam mods. The way I wrote the mod manager code in BUGLE, it populates the list of available mods from the workshop directory.

Perhaps if I work closer with @YubinYankinov, I could add a feature that allows players to specify a local directory where they keep non-Steam mods.