Mods on dedicated server tool being deleted

So some mods for example (Immerse, Emberlight) don’t work on my dedicated server, which i host via the tool provided by the Devs.
Here is what happens:
adding mod ID to list in launcher
on startup server downloads the .pak
no entry for that mod is created in modlist.txt - if i create it manually before launching it’s deleted then
after shutting down the server the .pak is being deleted.

It redownloads the .pak even if i add it manually before launching
trying to copy the .pak in the same folder as the modlist.txt and editing the path in the modlist.txt results in the same outcome as above. Meaning the modlist.txt is just empty but the manually copied .pak stays

so i just started the server completely without mods, removing all IDs from the launcher.
shut it down
then added the IDs back and voila… it works
the launcher downloaded the .pak and added an entry to the modlist.txt.
mods are active and i could connect.

but as soon as another player joined it kicked me out and vice versa.
just deleted the config folder after shutting down the server.

everything fine now, mods working, players can connect without being kicked, praise RNGesus

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