Server Problems After Mod Removal?

Hello , we had 14mods on our server before and the server was running fine … after we removed about 5 so that people can join the server by looking at the list our server started to have problems … the server keeps crashing about 2-4x per day , we have laggs when players join etc … did we do something wrong ?

Did you remove all modded content from the server or did you just pull the mods and assume items and such were eliminated?

Did you do a proper server wipe?

We didnt do a server wipe since we thought it works like in ARK , i did just remove the mods from the mod.txt and removed the files from the mods folder

I have no clue if it works like ARC. I would try reinstalling the mods real quick to see if the instability clears up. If it does, you may need to be more careful in your removal process and see if you need to wipe or at least manually remove items. If the instability remains aftwr adding the mods back in, then there may be server problems.

Where might those files be ? i only move the mod file into the Mods folder and its done

It’s never a real good idea to remove mods in a current play.
There are saves, and mods are still remembered. Some more than others. Scripted mods are very hard to remove properly.

That’s why is still good make some backups before installing some, and before removing some. Do it one per one, see what happens.
But best is not to have to remove mods without a wipe or new game.

There are some clean-up mods, but that’s not perfect.

A good thing also before removing is removing all items and stuff from the mods from inventory, boxes and so. But the mainproblem remains in the saves and scripts.

Maybe a reinstall will help, and going back on a back-up before uninstall.

Good luck !

Can i wipe the server but still use the backup of the card ? would suck if everyone looses theyr base etc :s

did you some trials, do you have some older back-up (when the server just runned fine before destinstalling mods) ?

A wipe is a start over, of course you will lose your builds, bases and so.
As admin of course you’re free after to help the people on your server, but that’s up to you.

So i cant wipe the server / fresh install and just move in the safe file from the word ? the server shouldnt copy the old files from other mods right ?

depends what mods was installed when you did that back-up.

For my part i make daily back-ups, so i have still one just before. Anyway, before adding mods, i still test the build first on SP, then when all is doing well, i add the mod to my server. It’s a security.
But yes, the back-up will also contain all mods, and modfiles that was on your server at the moment you made the back-up.

And what would happen if we activate the mods again ? would that help with the crashes etc ? then he would load them again right ?

Yes, but to make it work right, you need to go back on the back-up just before uninstall. Otherwise, the server runned a while without these mods, still trying to found files he hadn’t more, and some other problems may happen.
Depends also lot of what mods.

The question for me is more, how many back-ups do you have, do you have some just before you start uninstall some mods, and problems happens, If yes, i would suggest reinstall the mods you desinstalled, the go back on the back-up just before the desinstall, and all should run again fine like before the problem.

If you re-add just the mods now, at the current server time, this may work, or not. Or just partially. Can not explain it in an other way.

One mal on a safe-build again, you can still decide to desinstall some mods, do it wisely this mal, one per one, maybe with a test on SP first. I know, all this is timeconsuming, because you have to stop and restart you server each mal. But that’s the way it may work or not.

We have a few backups yes , but we are playing without the mods now since nearly a week :s so everyone would be at the start anyways ^^

Maybe you also know why the server is freezing when player join ? the creator of the Immersion mod told me thats because of big mods :o ?

yes, this may be, i use immerse myself. and it’s hudge of course. I use also Emberlight, all two a big mods.
All depends also your server, how many slots, how many people, what kind of machine, connection to players, ping and much more.

But i run these two mods, with Pippi and a bunch of other mods, but added them one per one, and testing still first on SP.
Also the more people you have on you server, the more bases and build, the more this may happen.

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