Servermodlist/modlist.txt gone

After figuring out the the Savage Steel mod was my issue today, causing my server not to fire up at all after the 3.0.2 update, I was rooting arou d and saw that in the Mods tab on the game’s menu, there were no mods. It was all blank. I logged in, no mod MisMatch error, no mod download/update, just straight in and everything was fine, and I checked that mods were being used (minus Savage Steel). Cool.

Then I went back to the game menu and Che ked the Mods tab…empty. I decided to manually add them. Logged back in and again no mod download/updates. Ok, and everything in game seems fine.

My brain decided to nudge me and say " 'Ey, might wanna just go see about that modlist file", so I went to where it usually is and it’s not there.

Isn’t this supposed to be there? Will it eventually cause issues if it’s not? Should I just be glad that after about 9 hrs of my server not working, it now works?

Just doesn’t feel right

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