Server with mods join - mod list - can we get an accurate scrolled list? FIX IT ALREADY

The mods shown as what a server has / is hosting and the order is cut off.

There is currently no way a person trying to join a server with mods can do so without outside help to determine what mods are being hosted. When the game complains the mod list does not match or the order is wrong, the message is cut off as well.

If there was just one issue, the list being cut off in the server display, and not two which is that both the list is not shown in the server display correctly (for a server hosting 24 mods for example) then on an attempt to join that server the message is basically garbage, leads me to believe ppl what are running and pushing no mod official servers are responsible. This is like two bad road signs directing people who already decided they wanted mods and want to play on a modded server to go to hell instead.

Please, can we fix this more than obvious problem?

hi, i also saw that even on solo play with mods, the description part of the screen (on the right side) when choosing what mods to play with, is also non-scrolling, and only part of the description is shown.

btw im really liking your strays back to the fire mod :slight_smile:
it helped me melt about 20 iron arrows to get me enough iron bar to make something :slight_smile:

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