Mod Mismatch issues

If I join a modded server it checks all the mods like normal and then restarts the game like normal. But, the game either gets stuck loading onto the server or keeps checking the mods over and over.

I’ve verified files, reinstalled and unsubscribed to the mods.

Now, the game won’t even launch…

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I’ve looked for a solution to no avail.

Arrange the mods in the correct order from the launcher before joining the server.

I’ve never had to do that before, why now?

because you want your game to work?

I’m asking a valid question. Did something change? I’ve owned my own server and know I have to have them in the right order there. I’ve never heard about having to do that on the client side. This is the first time I’ve had this problem.

So, instead of being a smart a$$, try being helpful or don’t post anything at all.

I did try to help you but you refuse to follow my advice :smiley: I might be a smart ass but my game works :woman_shrugging: If I have to guess, either you are loading the game from HDD or you have bad connection to the server.