Can't Log into Modded Server

I have played since game first came out…never had this issue until 3 days ago. I have logged on to our server since last patch with no issues and only Pippi was loaded. Drag Thrall through Water, Unlock Plus and Wood Chips are installed. I have added the mods and played fine until 3 days ago…every time I log in, it states that I cannot join because of the the mod order. I have unsubscribed to all, resubscribed, closed Steam, opened Steam in every friggin order you can think of and still can’t get into the server now. However, I did change the order on one mod last night and played for 6 hours with reboots. Now, everything I have done will not work…extremely frustrated. Can someone walk me back from the void?

had this today actually. the game tells you that your mod order is not working for me this came down to that one mod had updated overnight. my client was updated. but the server had not.

as soon as i updated the server mods, my client could no join without errors.

Copy that…but other players that I team with are in the server with no issues…

huh, that gets rid of my suggestion I noticed on my server if you update client side mods but not server you will get the mismatch mod’s. But if the servers updated I sadly have nothing, though I have had to manually delete and re enter the mod load order on my sever to fix the problem.

It is a known bug that upon server restart/update the mod list can be changed in result to the restart/update. On server menu bring up the server you need to join but do not join it but instead with the server highlighted check on the right hand side of the screen and scroll down until you see the servers mod list. The mod list on your side has to be in the exact order.

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