Mod-mismatch each time i start the game

each time i try to enter our server (modded) i end up in the mod-mismatch thing and have to wait for more than an hour to reload all the mods. The mods are in correct order. I have setted up the pc last night new. I have reinstalled the game. No changes. Any suggestions or idea? I am so fed up, since sorcery i am fighting this nightmare.

There is likely an issue where you have updated to a newer version of a mod and the server has not yet updated and so they are running the older version, thus there is a mod missmatch. This has literally nothing to do with sorcery as this is a mod issue, and this has been the case with modded servers since version 1.0.

Now, if you are having an issue where the game updates your mods, restarts, goes to update your mods, restarts rinse / repeat in a seemingly infinite loop than there is a simple solution to that as well. Use your task manager to close steam, unsubscribe from all mods via the steam workshop and validate your files via steam then log back into the server and let the client re-sub to the mods which that server uses. This works for me 100% of the time.

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