Forges missing still

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In game forges (frost, volcanic) are still missing

  1. Make a server through Nitrado,
  2. boom no forges.

have no idea if this was a problem right when server was first made or if it came after shutting it down then adding mods. (which was right after start before anyone was on). there seems to be a manual fix but with my level of know-how im kinda lost in fallowing it. since this was a problem forever ago im wondering if there is an easier way to fix this now-a-days. any help would be appreciated.

So this server is completely new, or did you have it running before and then did a wipe of all buildings to restart it? I believe wiping and restarting my server was what removed my forges/altars from the game.

The manual method is a bit of a pain, but I eventually worked it out and was able to get mine restored. I’m not a programmer or tech wizard, but do have some background in tech as a sales rep. I’m pretty confident that anyone with enough know how to set up a game server can pull it off.

As far as I know, there is not an easy way to restore the missing items, but at least they came up with a tool (executable) to wipe servers for restarts, without destroying those items in the future.

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There was an issue months ago with a script (Servercleanup.bat) that would delete exactly the items you’re missing. It’s been fixed since then and running the script again would return those missing forges.


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