Servercleanup.Bat deletes server crafting tables (i.e. Volcanic Forge, Forge of Ymir)

**Game mode: Private Server
Type of issue: Bug (renders parts of game unplayable)
Server type: PvP
Region: North America/USA

Back a couple months ago, I used the ServerCleanup.bat to do a partial wipe on the server. Things have been running just fine, but we just realized last night that the Volcanic Forge was not only not working right, didn’t even look right (i.e. parts of the forge were missing). I later admin-checked the Forge of Ymir and found that too was gone.

I went back to a copy of my server from before I wiped it, and the forges were working fine. I then run “severcleanup.bat” again on this copy, and found that it again deleted the two Forges.

I’m certainly open to ideas on how to fix this without having to do a 100% wipe of the server.


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