Bug - Update: All Map forges missing

Game mode: [Online] / Private Unmodded Wiped 06.16
Problem: [Bug ]
Region: [US]

There’s been a few days since the server was wiped and I’ve noticed that our volcano forge is missing. Restarts don’t seem to help at all. Anyone else having this problem? if so do you have a way of fixing it?

Update 1: I’ve been moving around and turns out all our map forges are missing, like the one at the Ice Temple, Chaosmouth etc =/

Update 2: Confirmed by other players in the server

Side note: Our server has allways been an un-modded one.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. We do not know how this came to be. There was however an event prior to our wipe and that was the hotfix patch pre dlc update, The issue was present before the dlc update but after the hot fix patch and our server wipe.


May be related to this bug here : (SPOILER) ChaosMouth Altar is Missing

In my PC SP PVP server the Chaos forge / Altar is there. Frost temple forge is present also. I haven’t explored the volcano or any other dungeon area yet. Working on it.

yes guys ty I saw 3 post similar to this one and what do you know there’s been some kind of progress. I decided to download testlive, load our save in single player and boom there they are. Still doing some testing I’ll let you guys know if I come with a solution.

After enduring this kind of thing for so long…sometimes I see myself questioning why I still host a server or play this game =/