All modded servers down?

I’ve noticed not only my modded server but all modded servers are down.
I’m i the only one with this issue?

New update modders need time to update after a huge update like this one that changes or touches a lot of things in both maps.

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Many modded servers are indeed down as there are some mods that still need to be updated. Check back on the Mod site or in the Mod Discord group if they have one. And remember to thank the Modders for all the extra work they are doing to keep their mods going :slight_smile:


I’ve disabled all our mods but the server seems to be in a perpetual start loop

Ours is down as well, Getting “out of date” error on all MoDs.

I managed to fix ours by manually deleting the mods from the modlist.txt on the server. Put them back one by one and working fine now

I wish i was that lucky. Game server appears to be crashing because a mod I had to remove isn’t installed. installing the mod… also crashes the server. messed up either way for me.
perpetual restart loop.

Exiles Land is fine on the servers I manage. If you change to Iles of Shiptah, the server will loop a restart. Mods are only updated fashionist. :roll_eyes:


For what it’s worth, I noticed that my servers spent quite a while coming back up. They certainly were ‘looping’ as they started. but eventually they came up and remained up.

Perhaps there’s a timeout to a connection check outside of the hosting company - purest speculation, but since my service host have no tech issues at all, and nothing has changed recently other than the update? If it is something like that, I hope it doesn’t include a hotfix, but if so, at least most major mods have been updated.

A HUGE thank you to all Modders out there for getting through the new dev-kit and updating or still updating their lovely mods. We are all in your collective debt.

Admins should be checking discord channels if their mods have them.

PS: And of course, a big Thanks to Funcom for the update and continued support of the game. The changes look amazing and the potential for other innovations on top of this new foundation layer is equally amazing.

So, Ignore it? the server wont load. the game wont play. so Ignore it is all I can do.

He is referring only to the “out of date”-message.

Yup, I get that. It does not answer why the server is not coming up and loading . Crashing at the end of loading, ECT. if the server is not loading Neither I or my 30+ clients can play. Server worked until its daily restart and then nothing, dead and buried. How do we ignore that?

Ok, so we run a private dedicated server with around 20+ mods. I am not a modder, so I don’t know all the ins and outs of the mods I run. how do I fix/ cleanup my mods like your talking about?

So, why don’t I just wipe the server, that way I can tell my clients that the last six months were for northing. that the $2600.00 we invested in the server was a waist and Funcom just took your money and now we are just S.O.L. This does not sound like a good solution. it also does not explain why all our mods (even the updated ones) are coming up “out of date” and crashing the server at load. Also why do other players have to figure this out? where are the Dev’s??? Who is running these Forums and why can’t the give us some information on these issues. the lack of respect they have for there players and people hosting there game is shameful. Get your act together FunCom. we are all loosing faith in you!

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