Game mod compatibility vs Game versions

Lets open discussion on Different game versions
in the sense that a player or/server admin is able to select a previous build of the game

some of us, (over 320)t are hosting private modded servers
Now the new update broke my server,
and game client there.Now there is no option to play previous version & backup no good too.
every-time this happens i need to reset the server,
not to mention test every mod individually ,how can this be expected for a server admin?
Its seems like the game doesn’t actually support mods,
Please consider this its really a pain

Connecting to my modded server after the patch was such a nightmare that I actually ended up ragequitting and putting in a support ticket with the host site to have it deleted. Granted part of that was also due to how often the server itself would throw errors trying to connect or randomly kick me off, but the new loader was a major contributor as well.

The loader never once accepted my server mod as a valid version, even after I’d updated and re-cooked it twice and restarted the server like a half a dozen times. I was actually able to get on once (only after giving up and removing the mod I had made specifically for that server from the modlist), and then the next time I tried to connect I was told that another mod was the wrong version, even though it hadn’t been updated since I’d been on last. And then when I finally managed to get it to accept all the mods again, it took so long to connect that it timed out. At which point I’d had enough and just said to hell with it.

So yeah, that server, that I made all the NPCs for? That I was waiting for the mod loader to roll out before opening up for other players? It’s gone now. There’s no way I’m gonna try to run a server with mods on it if the loader is as janked as it is, because instead of streamlining the connection process it’s only made it more difficult and frustrating.

I may try again if and when they figure out how to get it to behave, but for now it’s just too much hassle.

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you are entitled to an opinion even if its wrong.
if anything the new update broken more things my game is more unstable than anything and keep in mind that this is vanilla with no mod,

game doesn’t even run with 1 or more mods

if you listen to BoogerParty
i’m sure this is the experience that those who host Modded servers have

whats the point of having the feature of mods when they bearly work

Sounds to me like your particular issue had to do with the fact your server host (whoever it is) has the same problem most server hosts do. That is their mod utility doesn’t download mod updates immediately. They will often take 12 or more hours to download an update, even when removing the Mod ID from the list and adding it back in. The only way around it is to FTP.

Not positive given the description you provided here, just what it sounds like to me.

If that is the case then it’s a pretty big departure from the norm, because in the past I was always able to just restart it right after a mod updated and it was good to go.

Though it did crap the bed pretty hard about a month ago so I wouldn’t entirely discount it having lobotomized itself in that department too.

It’s standard at least with Gportal. This comes up pretty much every major patch since I started making mods in April. I’ll update one of my mods to be compatible with the latest version of the game, and then I’ll get half a dozen messages within that same day telling me they are getting a version mismatch. I explain FTP, they go oh look, you’re right, all fixed. Those messages all but stop, coincidentally of course, within 24 hours :stuck_out_tongue: So long story short, I always advice for the first few days after a major patch to FTP mod updates. Though I always recommend FTP period rather then using host’s mod utility in general.

I do believe it’s possible to keep “old” versions of both client and server software, as well, but it requires rather a lot of manual jumping through hoops to do so (and I don’t think you can download older versions if you didn’t back them up yourself). I’m also not sure how that plays with regard to the TOS etc, probably not nicely (certainly distributing them would fall foul of a bunch of rules!).

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Hello. Is there a merchant mod with settings?

Ah. I use(d) Survival Servers, and I’ve never run into anything like that.

Ya, no idea with Survival Servers, I just know that Gportal isn’t the only company that does scheduled Mod Id updates and causes issues, so FTP is gold.

so basically running mods on a server.
you will have 50% downtime, does the game support mods then ?
you decide

i am running a server with ASM converted for Conan really nice tool and solves the solution of mods notn updating when they supposed to,
but that does’t mean that after every updated server need to be reset/wiped/mods removed and a lot of work.

They released 2 consecutive updates:
4 hours of work after the 1st update to get my server running and its Vanilla(no mods)
Seconds update DLC same story just the next day…

now what if they had to release a hot fix for some issue today, that would be 3 consecutive days where all heavily modded server would be down.

Have to agree with OP, after the last few updates I am experiencing very long load times on modded servers and extremely frequent crashes. Something needs to be done by Funcom.

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Crashes are almost always outdated mod related, at least when in terms of modded servers.

Have you also invested in an SSD? If not that’s one way to help with your load times. Otherwise, if you are trying to join a server with 20 mods or something, it’s always going to take a while, thats just how it is.

“Crashes are almost always outdated mod related, at least when in terms of modded servers.”

big fat lie, post update I haven’t been able to play the game with constant crashes from the clients side. only way i was able to fix this was re-downloading the game

Funny thing i’m running one mod:
pippi server mangement and they updated few minutes after the update

I said almost always, I didn’t say it was a guarantee. I’ve been creating mods for 9 months now, I’m only talking based on the experiences I’ve seen and helped with dozens of times. But guess I’m just a big fat liar, I’ll show myself out.

Oh and, there is a way to do what you want with Steam. Not hard to do either once you realize the trick. The whole, option to play without updating thing. I’ll let you figure it out on your own though.


Oh and, there is a way to do what you want with Steam. Not hard to do either once you realize the trick. The whole, option to play without updating thing. I’ll let you figure it out on your own though.

even so its not a viable option because most client will update automatically and server side also
perhaps if you were playing single player it would help but i don’t see that as an option for multiplayer server

Not if you use the technique Multigun is describing here.

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