Mod Comparability Hotfix

Playing online has its ups and downs. You get access to vast amounts of mods however you also hit the Mod updates as road block to accessing servers.

Think of how many times you have seen “Wrong Version” in the stats of your mods. I see it nearly every other day. The solutions is a crazy amounts of restarts or less mods. Every update requires a restart, but without the restart you can not run in a compatibility mode for mods.

So why not set it to restart anytime someone attempts to log in with a higher version of the mod as a hot fix?

Here are the points

  1. Only players with an updated mods are prevented access to a server due to comparability, so players currently in a server need not be affected until they log off which is what will happen naturally. Thus a server does not need to restart every time a mod is updated. Just when someone is attempting to log on with an updated mod.
  2. Without a feature that forces a restart players are dependent on the server admin to perform a restart or wait for the scheduled timer to pass. Either way they are barred from the game until that happens.
  3. Now a mod interrupt reset seems annoying but keep in mind that the most active mods are only update once every few days. Thus it is not something that is going to hit a server every few minutes unless the server literally has every mod.

:medal_sports: Application = When a player attempts to log on with an updated mod then that a server is currently not running than a timed server restart is initiated. I would say 10 minutes is more then enough time to finished whatever you are doing in Conan. The system announces 10 & 5 & 1 min, restart warring. Then the server restarts uploading the updated mod. Again this is just once for everyone on the server. “Once the server is update” then everyone continues without interruption.

The person trying to get in does not have to wait that long to get in. The people currently on the server have time to get to a safe location, scheduled restarts happen normal, and the occasional update restart is hardly a problem thus everyone wins. Servers require less scheduled restarts and active players are less effected.

:arrow_right: This solutions resolves getting a game error that reboots your game and than not being able to get back in the game even after unsubscribing and resubscribing to the mods.

  1. Tones of fun when you kit tossed out of the game in a dung with all your thralls.
  2. Better yet if no one is on the server then your not locked out until the next restart.

Why this is not already a thing blows my mind. I have spent as much time waiting for updates to restart as playing the game.

A friend mentioned such a feature would need a flooding control line. This can be between two to eight short lines of code that checks to ensure that the Server does not receive multiple requests to restart during the time delay leading up to the mod forced restart.

For Example, A player with a freshly updated mod attempts to log on. With the above feature, they may or may not know that a timer has been initiated. Thus with a flood control line, if they attempt to sign-in again before the conclusion of the ten minute delay, then the server does not reset the countdown.

It is a valid point, however he has no interest in creating a forum account just to add this point.

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