The mod check not working. Please Fix

So, the dedicated server launcher has added a new mod check? All mods coming up as “out of date” ? Please Fix this Error.

happening to my server as well its aggravating

also tried an older version of the launcher, same issue.
Crashes every time.

So, Is anyone else experiencing this Issue ?
Please let me know?Screenshot_20201028-143927

not my photo. was sent to me.

Ok Funcom, So what will fix the Issues? We can spend 24/7 on here trying to figure out how to fix these problems but we are not getting any answers from the Dev’s here. Not a “we know of the issue”, “we are working on it”. nothing from anyone in any official capacity, just like last time. So we are to wait in the darkness with no information on a game that they break every time there is an update or patch and lose a good share of our players by the time we here anything. So what is it going to take to get this fixed? We don’t know and they wont answer. Do you not see the problem here? No communication, lack of information! So I ask how do we resolve this issue?

because it’s not related to launcher
it’s something CE devs added to log and apparently left job half finished
it’s safe to ignore the message btw

Ignore the message, fine. The server will still not load, the game still wont play. And No word from the Dev’s. No communication, lack of information! FunCom has dropped the ball again.

and how’s Funcom responsible for mods you load?

They are not. they are responsible for breaking the mechanics that implement the mods we use. Worked before the update, just not after. But I guess it the Modder’s & players fault it is not working. Yup, that it. It’s the Players, Modders & server host fault. Not the people that released a faulty Update. Like this is the only issue. a little accountability and information on fixing the issue would be nice.

and they are fully entitled to do so, furthermore updated devkit gets released prior each big update, there is time to prepare, in some cases not enough, but still
and some mods are just unattended, mind that

This is a pretty good summary that while it may not look like this at the moment, this was a good update for modders:

However, I fully agree with this:

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Then why release a update you know is still not finished? Why put your paying costumers in this position? And why is it that I have to have this conversation with another player and not a Dev? You can make as many excuses for FunCom as you want, But the fact is every time they do this My player base plummets. in the end no players = no Money for Funcom and empty servers for the rest of us. And that’s the Bottom line, Dead servers and no more Conan Exiles.