Server list colors / vanilla collor

It’s something I was thinking about from the beginning of the game and I think it would be very useful.
Add very simple thing that makes life easier like vanilla server color or as a “type of server” you are looking for with some approved box with a green mark that says “Vanilla” and also i was thinking about server options set by dev as 2x , 3x ,4x and this would be default option set by devs that also could be marked as " 2x server dev setup " so we can easily choose and search for server we want to play. The only reason i make that post is because players will create too many servers with diffrent options and looking over 1k or 2k servers to find one you will want to play on will be and already IS annoying , there is too many sliders to check on every server and imagine if u could see green word “vanilla” or something and you just click Join to play , so simple :slight_smile:
If anyone have a problem with understanding what i mean i can try to explain again and please comment :smile:
Lova ya PEACE.