Server mod order help

Can anyone help me with figuring out load order the npcs will not attack with the current one im using

Dudes delight decor
Immerse rp build and decor
Immerse rp fright night
Immerse rp festive days
Dark desires
Thrall war dungeon mod
Barbarian barber
Immersive armor
Ra character customisation
Warrior mutate
Better thralls
Unlock plus
Extended map the dark woods
Less building

Not sure if this will help, but on our server we run all Admin tools first, followed by building mods then any mods that altar game play. Finally the mods for dungeons and map changes.

I know that we had some real issues with Extended map mods and removing the cursed wall. Bosses that teleported to the surface and would not fight. Once we removed those 2 mods the issue went away.

Hope this helps

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