Server Name Not Showing Up In List

It’s hard to welcome to try Ulfhedinn (PC), when the server name doesn’t show up in the server list. Several members have indicated they now have to connect with direct connect only as the server name doesn’t populate. What’s up with that?

Ulfhedinn is a PVP-NBD server (full on, full time PVP but without building damage) so there’s another way to play if the afk raids turn you off. You’re welcome to see if you can connect: find Ulfhedinn in pvp server list or direct connect and if the lag isn’t too bad come see these: and to fight arena matches (up top) and dungeon crawl the lower sections for treasure…a walk thru is here: and this

Please let me know if it shows up for you in the server list or if it’s somehow broken and not populating.