Server official 4520 pve latin america resets after update- server wipe for funcom!

server was the only one in Latin America that reset, you log in to enter, it appears to create a character as if there was no character on the server, the server’s age is 0, it is the only server that has an age of 0, I spoke to other players who played on the server and say the same thing, the server reset itself, everyone lost everything, there is nothing left. discouraging, if it isn’t fixed it will be my cue to abandon this game.I had my base for over 3 years and lost everything, without even Funcom informing me that it would wipe the server. yet another error, the company itself makes players abandon the game.

I had the same problem, waiting for a response… What’s the point of farming events… Learning the recipes and losing everything later…

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Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for sharing this with us!

Server 4520 should now be back up and running with your character available.

Please, let us know if you still have data issues with this server.