Official LATAM Servers database lost

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [LATAM]

After a few hours of being offline, servers now ask you to create character again.

Also, they disappeared from “favorites” and “history”

Is it all lost?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Just watch all your work go to hell
  2. Cry
  3. Hope they have a backup
  4. Pray



Same thing here in 4517. Please, ■■■■■■


4514 server down, returned out of favorites and still asking to create character, have we lost everything?

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Same in #4520

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4502 wipe out, same problem, this is official or bug?

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Mais engraçado que tem 3 horas do post a a Funcom não está nem aew

The most funny thing is that 3 hours from the post already and funcom don’t give a s.h.i.t about it

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Same for 4500, is there anyone at Funcom addressing this or at least someone to give us some sort of feedback…?

Same for 4523, i have lost my character too.

It seems they have no interest in Latin America

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The same thing on server 4522. My character is gone, I can’t find the server in Favorites, and only the screen to create a new character appears.

A simple reply would be sufficient, I am not wasting time rebuilding anything if they are going to wipe the server again, nice way to lose customers…

lamentablemente si no recupero todo lo que tenia, que es el juego de un año y pico, no voy a jugar mas…

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Hello @infoscat, we’ve reached out to G-Portal regarding this matter and will be sharing more information as soon as we get it, apologies for the situation.

4514 server down, returned out of favorites and still asking to create character, have we lost everything???

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It seems all LATAM servers have been wiped

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Indeed, same with 4500, what’s up with that Funcom?

I also play on the 4514 PVE server. One year playing buy all the dlc … And restart server without warning. Will I really waste a whole year of play and time and don’t mind?

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I can tell from my end that I will not going to waste time anymore playing it, if this is the scenario and we did lose all our effort, a refund should be addressed as well…

server 4515 is the same, almost 1 year and a half playing, so that one day everything disappears …
I hope fix this !!!