I logged on to official sever and everything I had on me is gone

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Hello @Nitti, thank you for reaching out.

We’ll need more details in order to determine the cause for this.

Do you have any relevant messages in the Event Log?

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It seems that your character has died due to temperature effects, it’s recommended that you check if your character is experiencing any of these before logging out and to avoid sleeping near heat sources, as well as depositing all your inventory in a chest, which should help prevent any possible loss of items should something happen to your character while you’re offline.


I logged out with heat armor on and it was changed to cold armor during the update. I’ve already took precautions and will now put everything away before logging out. Thanks again for the feedback. Hopefully the blood letter armor will be reversed back to heat. I liked that armor.

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Happend to me, too
What the hell? After normal server restarts, everything was fine, and now?? Just because an stupid Update

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Were you wearing the new bloodletter armor ?

Yeah i was.

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It’s now cold armor. Which caused the over heating and dying of temperature. Hopefully they change it back to heat armor. Check your event log


Ohhh really? Thanks for the Info. We lost so many things because of this.
This sucks…

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Yea I checked mine and it showed what I died from and everything I had on me decayed.

Yeah same here. Now will take of everything too before logging off

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Yup seems the best thing to do from now on.


How about having your whole server gone, and a lousy sorry, here is a 5x xp and collection, I will be escalating the case for a refund and a psn cancellation, how about that for post hijacking… :wink:

Hello @bodinho007, we’re looking into this situation together with G-Portal.

In the future, please refrain from hijacking older and unrelated posts, especially when there’s already one or more available for discussing this matter: