People are quitting Conan


excellent job on sweeping assertions and essentially painting each side up nicely into two very over simplistic groups.

What you just stated is not true at all. It is for a portion of the player base, just as you are trying to imply that ‘complainers’ discredit Funcom and players that do enjoy it, you discredit people (and there have been many of them) with legitimate CRITICISM (that is if you can separate complaining from criticism. So far, the implication is no…) that have tried to get their voices heard.

I know its so nice and easy to sweep everyone that disagrees with you under the rug and pretend they don’t exist, but over generalizing the situation has done many posters a discredit to their own words and POV.

That is quite an ignorant statement based on your own assumption. Actually a lot of people on our server are not content about a lot of things about this patch but don’t bother coming to the forums as well. A lot of old players are coming online to check out the horses and the thrall levelling, but only time will tell if that will provide enough incentive to stay.
At least for pve, i think, that with the thrall cap, long time players had a dip in motivation.


like you? :smiley:

I don’t like some changes (like the workstation’s thrall outfit change) but I need to deal with it or search for a mod (I did choose the last option…right now it is disabled because the update but they are fixing it…and it is there)…
But of course the dodge one is a bad thing…I see it funny because the “croquette” and because I play solo but in official server or things like that…it is harder, I know, and enemy AI looks smarter and faster now or at least the same speed with us slower…every mistake will punish you a lot in a PvE fight.

Laughs maniacally in alpha/beta tester

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You think the game had difficulty prior to patch?

Prior to the patch the server was so burdened with thrall AI that npc would be dead before the server even got around to activating them. Did you not notice that aspect of the game? Also, it was way to easy to disengage from any fight, pvp or pve.

After this latest patch it’s like we are experiencing the game the way it was meant to be for the first time. Thralls actually fight and use combos and npc actually fight back with combos. I used to be able to run through set city and round up 10 or 20 npc and mow them down with a hammer in 15 seconds, try that now.

Sure I think the start speed for moving is a tad slow, just a tad. But that is the only real issue I see with this patch. Roll is great although it takes a bit of getting used to.

Overall the patch is probably the best one they have put out in the games history.


Well I would say it was the most bug filled patch in games history be about all good I can give. Have you not been reading the forums now servers are gone, games gone .

best update ever I bet these people are thinking that right now. We all need to worry about others that are having problems not just the ones who are so lucky their game works well.

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Yes, Steam counts single players logging in also.

I was asking for changes about that stupid roll dodge, nobody can roll like that. And momentum based movement is awesome. Get used to it instead to whine about.

What makes you think that has anything to do with the patch? The servers
I have played on have not lost their database. How do you know that server did not have a RAID issue, fire or maybe a malcontent broke in and stole all the HDD? You assume too much.

and you assume that because your game works everyone does, did you even read that forum if you had would know it was more then just one server and if you had indeed even read it you might feel bad others gamers are having issues instead of just comments on how your game works. Your concern for other players is amazing.

Don’t ask me, I just post here. Maybe message a moderator.

I just looked at your post history, virtually every one of your posts is complaining about someone or something. Lighten up.

You only say that sarcastically because you interpret it incorrectly as a threat.

Technically, in a capitalistic market where sales and demand drives market… Speaking with your wallet is the most mature thing you can do. And making a statement about it in a conversation directly regarding changes, what people like, and retention, you are being mighty dismissive and a bit rude of other player’s thoughts.

Now, if his post was “I hate these changes, if you don’t revert them, I’m going to quit!”, then yes, that would be a childish threat no one cares about.

However, his opinion that these changes were so jarring and ill received and therefor the game is no longer for him is entirely legitimate.

You appear to be trying to take a higher ground just to prove you’re right and its not working out for you.

Guys rember that fighting here dose nothing. We understand that this patch is decisive in the changes as there are both good and bad features in it. To say it was the best would be an understatement as many of us where around with the changes to the combat system in the 1st place and that would of been the best as has only been slightly altered here and there.

Many players are leaving the game unfortunately because of this update. Numbers have increased because of players returning because of the update but will they stay around considering that they have left the game before?

I understand that funcom is a business and the goal of a business is to make profit but many of us wish it wasn’t at the cost of punishing players who stayed with funcom all this time

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I never stated that.

See this is exactly what I am talking about. You don’t actually respond to people, you make up falacious arguments for them that they never made and then preen yourself when you debunk the argument you made for them.

No, the game was not difficult prior to the patch. It isn’t really that difficult now…

Whats your point? Why are you bringing up things people weren’t arguing? Is this the only way your justify this perverse need to ‘win’ in a discussion about peoples opinions?

The servers are still burdened. They just traded the burdens… The servers have actually been running about the same or slightly worse after the patch. There has been virtually no gain to server stability from the patch.

The problem you discuss there with AIs not activating is a AI problem, not a stability problem. They did absolutely nothing to fix AI, therefor, what you are bring up there is entirely pointless and disconnected from this patch. (AI is still sloppy and dumb).

Its nice that you are the qualifying expert of what things ‘are meant to be’ just because you currently happen to like it.

But you are wrong. You don’t really get to decide that, Funcom does, and Funcom should be facilitating the majority of their player base, not just doing whatever a few handful of people are demanding on the forums.

This is probably the only real information you have actually given this thread other then sweeping generalizations and false facts. I appreciate your opinion on this, but humbly disagree.

The momentum thing has hurt everything that wasn’t combat related.

Depending on your preference, it even hurt combat also (personally I believe combat is fine with it, albeit a bit more annoying because I never really liked combat in this game anyhow. I find it boring. And now its more boring. It was at least quick and efficient to clear out a capital city. Yes, it was easy, but its still easy, you just have to do it slower.

Slower isn’t harder, nor more interesting.

Outside of combat, the momentum thing essentially made worse in full:

  1. Climbing (#1 criticism. the parkour of this game sold the game and is what helped make it what it is. The momentum change greatly crippled the parkour.)
  2. Crafting. Now I have a momentary pause between each bench and box I go to. This isn’t more challenging, this is just adding obnoxious time sinks into the game.
  3. Building. Same as crafting. There is no reason to prolong how long it takes me to build things.
  4. Gathering. Arguably the most boring part of the game. It takes too much time already. Farming stone and wood shouldn’t have gotten any worse then it already was. It did.
  5. Exploring. Similar to climbing, but more encompassing. Exploring the land of Exiles is now slower, clunkier, and less enjoyable.

I could probably go on and that is just 1 aspect of the patch. Unlike you, I even recognize the positives that came with the patch, I just don’t believe they outweigh the negatives that also came hand in hand.

However you ignore essentially 100% of what other people say, make up some weird argument that no one is even arguing (or present 100% incorrect facts) all just to justify yourself feeling good about the patch.

Tell you what. You don’t need to justify liking the patch (or winning or whatever you think of this discussion in your head). Just enjoy it, and if desired, talk about the things you enjoyed. Even better, talk about the things you enjoyed and be objective about the things you didn’t. Add that to no longer dismissing the opposing arguments and stop making up stuff and we could actually have a good conversation.

This patch is most certainly not the best they have released.

I’d say this is a tie with the patch last year around this time that broke so much and then they went on vacation for the worst patch. This one is worse then that patch I believe, however, if they fix/adjust/revert these poor implementations faster then they did last year, I’ll go with this being the 2nd worst.


Maybe the problem isn’t the people playing the game, but a game that has long been released, situated, and essentially a final product being completely redesigned, rather then just adjusted.

This isn’t a new concept people are just now getting mad at. Look at things like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and other IPs like that.

You don’t take something that is established with a fan base and change it, otherwise that fan base most likely will get upset.

Make a new game if you want to change things so drastically.

Otherwise, they should have released Conan like it is now to avoid the appearance of a bait and switch into their game.

Or you could be playing the game rather then whining about people with criticism regarding the changes.

Would love to play the game, all PS4 LATAM official servers got wiped, I am wondering if this is definitive or an accident, any of you know what happened?

I was, and I am, maybe you can try out the new changed instead of crying about’em.

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Clearly you missed that ironic jab.

I have played with the changes. I will continue for a while because I am not yet willing to give up on it yet.

But you were the one hypocritically whining about people you PERCEIVED as whining because you take issue with their discontent.

Personally, I like to hear both sides (when articulated) to see how other people think of things in reflection to my own thoughts. If I was in the minority, the forums wouldn’t be so stirred up right now.

But sure, go on continuing to make false assumptions about others and spend your time throwing a tantrum that others may have some criticism with a game they enjoy and are invested it.

There’s a corner to the side where you can make your fuss and we can just ignore you. Just know, when you actually have something to contribute, you may be taken less seriously.

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