400,000 eyeballs seeking a game they can already get from Conan

Right now 200,000 fewer people are playing with Jeff Bezos than they were this time yesterday.

50k was a wild, frenetic peak I myself didn’t even experience with this legendary game, Conan Exiles. The closest I ever personally came to THE MADNESS was Free Weekend attached to Lost Souls.

May we please, please have Lost Souls again?

I am praying to Set. Any other religions, please join in.


Crom does not care about the feeble minds of mortals when it comes to games.


Barnes, I’m not sure what you’re talking about exactly, but I’m always down for a good religious “experience”. Set orgies all around.

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Aum settayim manumai ar’uk
felum mangata ets’UM

I pray to Set that I will be heard more clearly.

In the Amazonian depths
A trinket of anodized brass
Lures with a shine of rare gold

Translation: Almost 924,000 players were on New World. That number has dropped precipitously (more than 200k) and I hope, I just hope, my dear Lord and Saviour Set will see the opportunity to capture a lot of these Lost Souls.

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If only something would snag their attention… poke

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I would love to see the exit interviews of why they left (for now).
No building?
Melee combat “basic”?
Crafting system clunky?
Leveling too grindy?

Seriously, though if only 10% of those 200,000 came to Conan Exiles permanently, it would double the average base lol

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I can already imagine it… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seriously, Twitch shows a 130k viewers watching New World at this moment 1am (PST) however, Conan shows a mere 44 viewers (not 44k). It is possible a week’s worth of double harvest rates (and maybe some twitch drops) could help. :wink:

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Mainly because the game fried some 3090’s and tech channels on youtube have started to warn players to lower their gpu power usage and remove any type of overClock if they want to play New Wolrd without killing prematurely their gpu … :speak_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :see_no_evil:


Yeah I read about this. It seems to be evga 3090s specifically which evga agreed to replace. Something in the heat spreaders.

The game fails to update the game properly and still charges the same price since 2019. No ones going to play this game anymore unless it becomes dirt cheap or it’s free. No ones going to pay for a game that is super dead and can’t keep population happy. gl to funcom tho . I ve tried spamming forums for a couples of years to revive the game or focus on population. That’s all it really needs

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Hey there here again. Long time no see!
But sadly the same mentality. It is far from being that old or that dead to be for free.
And it is not dead, not SUPER dead. People is still playing it. Gets updates. In my opinion the game is not dead until it gets updated (even if they are wonky updates sometimes, and wreak havoc in the game), and even one person in the world plays it.
You don’t have to spam the forums to revive a game which is not even dead (plus spamming is ALWAYS a bad thing!!! In the forums, in the game, in another games, so on).


New world is focusing on PVP and have PVE second. Wich FC did with conan earlier aswell and did it good. But now days? They just add stuff that people has been doin with mods anyway.

FC is focusing on the wrong stuffs.

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I agree that PvP is the way to go. PvP puts butts in the seats, gets viewers to click and watch videos.

And again, this is not making a value judgment about PvE. It should be well known by now that I concede 90-95% of any average Exile’s playtime is currently PvE.

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… we need twitch drops… at least when they get their house in order anyway…

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I’m pretty sure that’s not what made Minecraft so popular that Microsoft bought it for $2B, but maybe I’m mistaken :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ofc not. But when you get told a game prerelease is going to be a open world PVP game there should be more focus on those things. And less focus making genres that wasnt even meant to be in game pleased (RPing).

Then ofc there is gonna be mods that will add features to that kinda genres aswell but the main game should hold a straight line on what kind of game they want and how it should be played. In this years conan has been out, Funcom has been going back and forth with stuff to much. They remove core stuff that people enjoyed about their game.

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I agree. Had they kept it to PVP only, I most likely wouldn’t have even bought it, especially if it was “full PVP only”, i.e. with raiding.

Instead, they went for “make this a game for everyone” approach, not just in terms of PVE and PVP, but also in terms of playstyles. They try to cater to a variety of players: competitive PVP players, MMO players, builders, survival game players, RPers, etc. As a result, everyone finds something they like in Conan Exiles, but very few people are really happy with the base game.

That’s why private servers are so popular, I guess.

At any rate, this is the way things are now. I doubt they’ll make a drastic change and ditch one of the game modes. Although I confess I would like to see it happen, because this constant bickering about PVP and PVE makes me feel like we, as a community, deserve it.


I’m speaking as a creator and friend of Conan creators on YT and elsewhere. We don’t get as big a viewership if it’s only PvE, and not a brand, giveaway or Outsized Personality :tm: unless there’s a specific Server Event.

This has held true for GTA, Conan and DOOM.


Yeah, I know. Nothing against you. I was speaking as a jaded codger who doesn’t watch people playing videogames – on YT, Twitch or anywhere else – and just wants to play the freaking game, preferably with fewer bugs. Bonus points for being able to have a conversation about the game without my Conan Exiles Meme Bingo Board looking like it contracted a case of measles.