Server Performance

Can we please get better Servers? Im playing on a Pve-C server at this time there are 30players online and we have 2-3 server fps and a ping of 500 its unplayable. Another Question why we can play with 40 Players on official servers when it get unplaybable when 20People are online? Should we now build only little shacks with no playceables to have a god running server or what can we do and what is funcom doing against it?

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i hope funcom cares about server performance and do anything because on official it doesnt make sense to play. Players teleporting building needs 5 times longer because you click but nothing happens every chest must load a few seconds and the list goes on. When new players should stay at this game then the servers need an update and yes i know not everybody is playing on officials but this server problems need ATENTION!