Official servers are unplayable

Holy smokes. I have my own private PvsE server. I decided to roll a character on an official PvsE-C server just to see get a chance to see what PvP/raiding is like. Holy crap the official servers are unplayable. It tried 4 different official servers that had as good or better ping to my location than my private server. Absolutely unplayable. Enemies teleporting, damage taking effect is severely delayed, enemies attacking while facing the wrong direction, just all kinds of general server failure. Had to hard pass. I started playing CE on xbox one and played on an official PvsE server for about a year. I didn’t experience this much lag the entire time I was playing then. Got it on PC and only played on my private server up to this point. I’m glad I didn’t start out on PC. I would have never given the game a decent chance with that kind of lag and glitching.

Pve-C servers don’t allow building damage.

To experience what we call “raiding” you would need a full Pvp server, and even there building damage is restricted to a set window we call raid time.

Or do you have a different expectation of what “raiding” would entail?

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