New Player with Various Questions

Hey all,
As per title I am new and I have a few questions:

Are there still Official Servers and should I play on them? I play only PVE
If no to above how do I find a good PVE server?
I saw a post where someone has fixed a lot of ‘bugs’ apparently. Is this for everyone or just players on his/her server?
How difficult is it to setup a private server for my friends only?

Anyway, that’s it for now.


There are official PvE servers. In the list of servers that appear when you load the game they indicate if they are “Official”. They indicate what region they are for and there is a “ping” limit of 140fps on them to be able to join one.

You need to know that there is no moderation at all on those servers so if you experience something that you considering griefing or cheating no one will help you resolve it. And no way to have a roll-back on saved game progress if Funcom’s updates destroy a lot of buildings.

Before picking an official server, I suggest you look over the forums here to see if any have string of “server down” posts from players or players complaining about the server. People report them by their number. There are certain servers that have nearly daily reports of being offline and crashing in the evening time and being offline for several hours.

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Check the dedicated server section. Good private run servers are much more stable, have a lot more content, and a better community than official servers.

My advice is find a private server. Some are vanilla and others require mods. Mods are easy to get from the steam workshop. The official servers often have trolls and people building just to block passages to areas or block resources.

Finding a good server you like with decent admins can be hard. Check the server forum here and get an idea of what is out there. Quite a few of the mods on private servers help make the game more enjoyable by either adding some more content or fixing some of the shortcomings with CE.

Good luck in your search.

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