Recommended Official PVE Servers on PC

Hello Survivors,
I am new to the game and about to begin my PVE jouney on PC soon. I know I will probably sink loads of time into this game, like you all probably did already. :grin: Before I commit to a PVE server I wanted to ask you if you play on an official server that you would recommend.

I am looking for:
Official PVE Server on PC,
cooperative people,
no players blocking crucial parts of the map,
no griefingā€¦

Thanks for you help in advance.
Take care

Better find a good private server. Look, I know people are afraid of private servers because some server owners just delete the server when getting bored or wipe and change rules whenever they want.
BUT: The official servers are a mess right now. Some are laggy as hell. On 1005 I have at evening a ping of like 300 or more ping. The server is I think in Germany and I am in Austria. I have better ping to private servers in the USA than to official servers in the EU. And no, its not my connection. Literally next door. People build whatever they want wherever they want it. Our server is full of teleports. On some spots on the map there are 6 teleports from different people. This doesnt help the server performance. I can recommend you 1005 or 1003. Both server have a great community but as I said, the ping and in general the fact that Funcom doesnt really care about official servers are real and you have to deal with it.

Try to find a good private server that exists already for a time with clear rules and you should have less problems than on any official server.

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