Do Not Play, Offical will hate it!

And here is why! Official servers have NO moderation NO control NO rules!
Full! of people Hacking,Harassing,large foreign groups taking over servers, People blocking with builds.
Funcom WILL NOT help on official server they say so right here in these forums !

SO! suggest find your self a nice active private/unofficial server and you will love it!
might take a few to find one you like! suggest :slight_smile:

Drunken Debauchery! cause i play there :smiley:

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Someone needs to learn to deal. Going on a private server with stupid settings, wipes, shady admins and many more? No thx.
Have fun there, I got a thick enough skin to ignore ppl’s words on the internet or their foreign language.


No problems on the official server i play on.


yes until one day some dork logs on and builds a wall around your owned land border…just cause they can…

And then (dont tell anyone, cause its a HUGE secret) i will not whine about it on the forums and I will destroy the wall and his base and take everything he owns. Or if that fails i will … move. WHAAT? BLASPHEMY, AMIRITE? >.<
Learn. To. Deal.
Why ppl these days expect everything to be handed to them…
Stuff happens, in life, in games, just learn to fricking deal.


He is on PvE…which is why I prefer PvP.

No problems on my official server too.

Yea true is lame now seems you can lose more HP creatures hit u once. ok even blocking it takes chunks of hP off you too. Glad funcom does not design real life scenarios or we tons of troops dead instant. lame lame lame. Now lvl 60 feel like lvl 10 character. Feel like I am playing cards with my local special ed’s school.

We tried the official one for about a week. Then we started our own.

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