Server Question for Isle of Siptah

I have a quick question. I am currently renting a server for the PS4. Am I going to have to rent a new server for the Isle of Siptah, or will I be able to use the one I am currently renting?


Don’t think that you can funcom said it them self’s they gotta rent more servers too if I’m wrong then sorry but I’m pretty sure that’s how its gonna be

You can use the same server. Just backup your old save file in case you wish to switch back to EL. Then Gportal will give you the option to select Siptah as your map and it will create a new save.

If you want to run EL and Siptah servers at the same time, then yes, you will need two servers.

technically you don’t have to, each map has separate database, so you won’t loose exiled lands db when switching server to Islands
practically, redundancy pays off plus providers may have different policy, so check those

Oh good to know. Still, no harm in saving a backup.

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