Server rental in serverlist

Hey all,

  • Q: when i rent a server other then from Gportal, will this server be listed in the ingame browser?

Im in NL, Gportal does not seem to have Dutch (NL)based servers) so i want to rent one overhere instead of DE. But if its not listed ingame i can’t bother.

Have a great day!

I believe it is. But I have not played around with server rentals at all. I remember seeing a video of someone setting up their own dedicated server on a PC they owned and it was listed.

In fact I have seen other servers on the server list that were not GPortal Servers so Yes.

Hi, Thanks Cristari :slight_smile:

I never did rental too, but only relatively low ping is Germany for me and that servers are in German, and if i set my game to ENG it still is German.

One gets messages like "Du bist getotet durch dem verfluchten mauer! " Its putting me off lol.
Love German but its not my game language of choice. :rofl:

In Feb, 17 there where Dutch (based) Servers but Gportal seems to have forgotten about NL somewhere.
Lots of mistakes where made about German DE and Dutch NL and it seems to persist since then.

Mayby anyone knows why there are no Dutch servers anymore?