Server Reset Occurs Multiple Times a Day

I play PvP Official on PS4 and for the last week or two my server has reset (with the ten minute and five minute warning messages) multiple times a day. It used to occur once over night. Yesterday it occurred over night and again about 30 minutes into raid. Anecdotally my clan says it has occurred two or three times in one play session on several occasions.

Is this just a random fluke or has anyone else experienced this? It doesn’t bother me but I am curious about the change.

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To my knowledge it should only reset once a day. I play on a pve server resets about 5AM EST. My private server resets around 1AM EST. The good thing I see here with it happening close to pvp time it may get rid of pork stacking on thralls . If it’s being done on purpose have not heard mentioned. @WhatMightHaveBeen have you seen this happening

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I play on a PC, PVE-C server and it will occasionally reset twice a day, usually within an hour of the daily reset.


My wife had a short reset in the middle of the day today . Ps4 pve server official.

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