Server Savagely Unapologetic keeps crashing (XBox One)

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Dallas, TX USA]

All day my server Savagely Unapologetic has been crashing. I would join the server and after a couple minutes my server kicks me out and crashes. I’ve also noticed that other people cannot play in my server unless I’m in the game. I’ve started getting more players join my server but now with the constant crashing people are complaining. Please help me fix these 2 issues.

Just checking as you said that it was your server, do you have mods? If yes how many?

He’s posting in the Xbox subforum so unless that’s a mistake mods aren’t possible.

Yes I’m the server host and no I dont have any mods.

Just to confirm, is your server rented via g-portal because if you mean co-op then it is normal that others can’t play without you.

Hello @KiLLa_GoddeZZ, welcome to the forums!

Are you hosting the server yourself, renting from G-Portal, or referring specifically to Cooperative play?

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