Server Setting - General - Community Question

What do these Community Types specifically define or mean to users that want to join a specific server?


Purist - Unmodded and likely unchanged or little change from default server settings to get the ‘out of the box’ feel of Conan Exiles.

Relaxed - Could mean a number of things, easier server settings or just a relaxed atmosphere (non-competitive) from the playerbase

Hardcore - Could be the opposite of everything I said about relaxed. Harder server settings and/or more competitive playerbase to be expected.

Roleplaying - Pretty self explanatory. You play a role of a character with varying amounts of backstory. Playing as the character would take actions rather than yourself. For example, a Stygian character may be reluctant to live in the colder regions to the north, while likewise a Nordenheimer wouldn’t like the southern desert as much.

Experimental - could be the opposite of Purist, where mods are in play. Could be newly created mods and the server is used for testing them. It also could mean a testlive server though this would be a bit redundant admittedly.

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