Server settings reset

Are you going to fix this some time???

Server 1150 still Default Settings - more than 13 hours now!!!

raid time 24 Hours wtf is wrong with you???

Finnaly something like we are sorry and we will fix this or any Information!!!

But Nothing!!!

1 Patch - 10 more Bugs - and now a lot of official Servers got wrong Settings…

Nothing is working here - Maybe you should pay the Players for playing your games in the future, cause this is nothing you want to do in your free time!

RIP #1150 and it’s player’s bases and let’s not forget #1059 RIP m8.

Got the same problem on #1064 and #1054… nice work.

RIP #1065 and #1054

Lovely, isn’t it?? SAME problem on #1070 :frowning:



RIP #1070 m8.

Has there been a general player-based Purge? I have witnessed some carnage and it has been extreme.

here are 2 versions of 1079 server:

Old one pre yesterday’s restart, now offline

New one, post restart, now online, no Battleeye, weird settings, 0 players, 0 structures, 0 saved data.

2 different IP adresses, 2 different servers sharing the same name, one offline (old one) and one operational (new one)
As a result is the loss of all characters, all the buildings, basically all the data stored since the server opening day, which is May 17.

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I do believe I understand what’s happened and have submitted solutions through available channels. In my opinion this should be easy to clear up and explain, in due time. There is a practice that must be corrected, however, and it it the recycling of IP addresses. I suggest lobbying your server provider of choice and requiring them to change the ports when reusing or shuffling IPs. :tronwut:

There is no technical need to “shuffle/recycle IP addresses” there are only 438 Official servers, a single IP address per datacenter/region would be more than sufficient to handle all of them.

IPs are natted to destination IPs and ports inside their DC on their router/firewall.

What likely happened was a host machine failure, thus a different local IP and a global IP natted to it. Even then it’s not really acceptable.

You slate Private servers for their unreliability yet, these aren’t working
Official Server OLD - topconanservers Ranked 324
Official Server NEW - topconanservers Ranked 8893

Our Private Server - ONLINE
topconanservers Ranked 33

Go figure…
There are a lot of very good Privately managed servers which are far better environments to play in and don’t have all the crazy configs you think mate.

Yeah but, finding a server that: a - will have settings that I prefer (vanilla official-like servers with no changes), b- will not have cheating or shady admins, c- will be reliable enough not to go down the month after i join is a real chore that can make you feel burnt out to the point you don’t feel like actually playing anymore.

And even if somehow I am lucky to find one that meets those three requirements it is still just pure faith that the human behind the admin nickname will stay true to his words written on the server ad.

And I do not like to put my faith in humans, I just don’t. I’d rather prefer to have to worry about only factor, which is server malfunction (like what happened to #1079 that I’ve been playing on) than worry about those several factors mentioned above combined.
1 is less than 3

Have you considered hosting a Dedicated Server on your own? I run several through my pinhole here at my home/ranch, and have a few at my office/gaming space.

A spare PC is all it takes, then you delegate an Admin non-player of your choice to take over. If you are a content creator you will be amazed at how great the experience can be with the proper hardware driving it.

Im more interested in PvP than content creation. And if i run my own server I can not delegate anything to someone else. Why would I purchase a server to make someone else an admin? That is like being on a private server but you actually get to pay to be screwed over? Huh?

You won’t ever change his mind mate.

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It was my misunderstanding that you were a content creator. :slight_smile: It’s like this, a spare machine on your network that runs a CE server. If you enjoy what develops, you can make the server live to the greater world, or you can move the .db to a server on an external provider. Your game progress is in your hands, and accessible to other players.

As a regular through much of EA, I was unconvinced of all the great things I was missing until I actually dedicated a quality client PC to playing this game. When I began playing CE on a gaming rig, it was a watershed moment, as was when I joined a local Dedicated Server and recognized instantly what high-quality ping and framerates alone can do for a player.

It gives you stark contrast, and a meaningful understanding of what happens on an official when you crash, or why you might lag. As a journalist myself, it really helped me get to the bottom of some punishing times I have gone through in PVP. Otherwise, I’m with ya – officials all the way!

I would invite you to my server but even my doesn’t meet the official settings 100%.
Remember, if Funcom someday decides to wipe official servers, you will have to drop that pill, too!

Correct. But that is the only downside.
On private server I will have to question if the admin is clean, if he will continue hosting, if he wont wipe weekly, if he introduces changes to server settings because he can. And many more questions like these.
Or if I am safe playing the way I want (I am highly aggressive, victory by all means excluding cheats type of player), many people enter crybabymode in response to my playstyle and demand admins to take actions against me, and usually they oblige, because they want their servers be in “fuzzy we-all-are-friends-and-butterflies” damage control lame mode.

The word “many” says it all.

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