Official server 1079 stealth wipe?

Ah, maybe I was correct in my disk failure assumption.

Hi @Solry I’m sorry you’re going through this right now. I understand how valuable your work product is, and prefer to play on official servers as well.

I posted this yesterday to add to the list of servers that seem to be mashed up right now. Yours is one of them. Do keep in mind your server IP address may change from time to time, so if you try and connect to an old IP address that’s been recycled to another server entirely … well then you get the Character Creation scenario because you’ve never logged onto THIS server before. It’s best to use the in-game Server Browser and search by server number to ensure you’re getting to the correct one, in event of IP changes.

Hello @Barnes The in-game browser connects me to the new server, that has 0 structures on it and 0 players online (obviously everyone cannot be bothered playing this game after losing everything, I’ve personally moved to Dark and Light and I am having a total blast now)
The links I’ve provided are the results of a research I made on the web via browsing server statistics to try and figure out what has happened to the server.
The new server has no Battleeye, as I’ve mentioned, and the same weird settings you collected in your thread. The old server is being listed as offline but still shows “players online” statistics until yesterday’s evening.

Certainly. You are at the nexus of two issues. Once corrected, your server should be restored to its proper settings, and rolled back where necessary. It did happen once during Early Access, to a small section of servers. This is quite a bit larger, and has taken considerably more time to correct.

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath. Funcom proved time and time again to be highly incompetent over the past year. (Lines of code with typos in them are still present despite the fact that it takes minimum amount of focus not to make them and minimum amount of time to fix them, for example)

You may want to take a look at the thread, and add your experience to it. I would, but I’m not a player on them as by ping I would ordinarily be unable to join. So it’s false for me to make a report, although I follow the servers’ status on behalf of friends. I do believe a solution is present, and IMO an explanation should be available by the end of the weekend.

Since I cannot create a forum account without purchasing that game I have some questions if you don’t mind. How is the loading time/frame rates? I see that there is an issue but that was in 2017, still an issue? Any game breaking bugs or issues you’ve experienced so far, lag?

They have improved loading times and framerate a lot, actually. It runs and loads very smooth now. Hadn’t experienced any gamebreaking bugs, given I’ve played only couple of days and its still EA (on the other hand Conan is full release and it still plays like a pre-alpha, so you can never know for certain these days, so)
So, yeah, I’d recommend Dark and Light, for sure.
But back to the topic.
When is #1079 going to be restored?

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So whats up Funcom? Tried to play on my #1079 server and I had to restart from beginning so wtf? my friend google moved me to that topic … so come my savegame back or what?


Now that you mention it, I think I remember seeing nicole in Dalas, 63…

Can we already have an answer, please? It’s been 3 days.

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Has it not been resolved? Is your server still off-line?
If so, I’m genuinely sorry to hear that, not very good support at all.
What has G-Portals response been?

G-portal response was, I quote " "

And as I’ve stated earlier the server is online per se, but it has no saved data on it. The older server that had my clan’s and other clan’s buildings and stuff is

And it is offline, and it still shows the players online statistics up until Friday.
The new one (with the same name, 1079 official) that took the place of the old one after Friday’s restart is

It has nothing on it, no structures, and as you could imagine no players because none of us want to start over at this point in fear of another stealth wipe and because we all had gathered\raided way too much stuff. I for once had 1 vault full of lvl 4 thralls, 3 of each profession and 3 of each named armorers, not to mention other 7 full of mats, explosives, etc. Not gonna bother playing again knowing that I had it and lost it in mere seconds due to some malfunction and lack of support for this game.

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This reads as the message from you to them, what was their reply?

Was a funny way of me saying that there was no response. The latter is just me answering your question about what’s happening to the server atm.

Shocking mate. I know it’s not a subscription based game but something should have been done.

A prime example as to why I host my own server and built up a community around me.

I learnt my lesson to not trust the official servers when after two days of play in an official PvE-C server, they suddenly and without warning, switched it to be a PvP server.

Well I guess I’ve learned my lesson aswell. Ima just steer clear from this game and bash my head for spending money on it and the dlc aswell. No safe servers for me out there. Pity, this was a pretty decent game.

And it will be again I’m sure. I only hang about because of my server’s community (that’s the loyalty that you don’t think exists in private server hosts)

But, I’m not expecting to be able to play the game as it’s intended much before 2019.

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I do believe loyalty can exist. I’m just not interested in it. Like I said, I want to PvP, I want to raid and win, using any tactics available without resorting to cheats. Private servers more than often restrict just that.

I’ve made a ticket on g-portal friday evening, which was answered later the night with a hint, that these server are administrated by Funcom and that I can use a online form to contact them. So i did on saturday and while I was little confused about that, I wrote a PM to Nicole, right after. During EA, g-portal supported official servers. Dunno what has changed…

Contact Form: