Official server 1079 stealth wipe?

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Misc]
Region: EU

Was server 1079 (EU) stealth wiped? It promts me to create new character???

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


RIP #1079 and it’s players and their bases. =(

Not to be cruel, but I highly doubt a single individual has enough power to make the company go bankrupt after selling off millions of copies already.

If your server was stealth wiped, thats a pretty crappy situation and I sympathize with you. But on the same token, that’s a common occurrence on games with non-subcription based, public servers.

The solution is to find a dedicated private server that can be more trustworthy. I say that not to justify what ever happened to you account, but more as forewarning, you will have a similar experience with other games out there that have public servers set up that are not really administered except for in the most basic form.

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Yeah, not to brag, but i am quite a big deal here in this country, when it comes to gaming journalism. Not talking about rest of the world, ofc. It is within my reach to condemn a game here with just 1 article.

Have you tried to contact the hoster ( e.g. gportal), Are you the only one effected on your server?

I have a clan and an allied clan. Server is now 0\40 with zero structures on it, All the frieds from that server confirm they’ve lost everything.

I just take a look on it. It appears your server isn`t currently running, but one other server with the exact same name are running now. But thats not your server! Let me try something…

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Hey sorry, please give us some time to respond to forum posts. I can’t always respond immediately. I’ll have someone take a look. Thank you for your patience.


It`s definitively a mistake by gportal. They didn’t start up the server with the right setup. It’s not even flaged as offical at the moment. I made a ticket for you. I highly recommend you guys to get a account at and open a ticket if you got some issues with your server. I have made got experiences with their support. Funcom is not to blame.


ooooooh the old “Do you know who I am” threat. pfffffft get over yourself and don’t be a douche to the employees

The issues these servers are having is most definitely because of Funcom, G-Portal is doing an amazing job for what they have been given to work with:

I bet they are actually regretting this contract right now because of all the support tickets they must be getting.

I shouldn’t need to use a tmpfs in order to not rubberband. The amount of IOPS is absurd.

Can I be your 3rd YouTube subscriber please ?
On a serious note, as said before, Funcom don’t host those servers and I’m sure its just and admin error, give them time to sort it.

Thing is, how more forgiving can you be? Bugs - “oh sure thye will fix it”, they go on vacation with same bugs present “oh sure they will fix them when they come back”
I’m sorry, but this is a business.
There are lots of other games competing for the same niche,
Funcom isnt doing anything to increase the value of their game over other games of the same genre.

We all hear you and share your pain, but it’s not Nicole’s fault

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I don’t know about that:


Another user suggests she is an undercover agent of Studio Wildcard, could it be true?

Where is the link to the thread mate, we need more context than that.

Please tell me you were joking, pulling Nicole’s leg, and that it’s me who just got suckered… I thought you were serious for a moment. Maybe it’s time for me to get to bed.

Lol, all in good fun I’m sure, or is she a Wildcard mole.