Server showing 0/0 slots available. Can direct connect and verify server is running

So after the patch my server is now showing under slots as “0/0” and neither I nor my friends can join it from the server list. However if I attempt to Direct Connect instead I can get in and play fine but my friends cannot.

I’ve verified in my saved\config…\serversettings.ini and the command line that invokes the server start that maxplayers is set to a value other than zero (was 20, tried 30, tried 12, none work) but it always shows 0/0. I’ve restarted the server many times, restarted the computer that hosts it, tried changing the IP of the server, all to no avail.

I was hoping that with Direct Connect I could get on and make myself an Admin (which I could) and then set the MaxPlayers via the console and have that update to the server browser when it periodically reports but it seems like it’s just not reading that value.

Any suggestions?

Anyone? Bueller the Stygian? Anyone?

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