Server transer exploits: god tokens, guest accounts and other nonsense

Just as the title says. Funcom, server transfers are flat out busted. This feature needs to be taken down until fixed or permanently (preferable).
It is currently possible to transfer infinitely on xbox by loading in a guest account, transfer , then load up another guest account. Im sure how anyone with a working brain can see how this is a problem as youre enemies can funnel in any amount of recourses from their primary server to terrorize other servers.
While this wouldnt be as big of a concern on its own if youre a player who is experienced and can defend themselves but whats making matters worse is transferrable god tokens. Yes, it IS possible and NOT hard to do in the slightest. I have not participated in this act but my allies are currently dealing with it on a daily basis by returning toxic players who have a history of cheating and exploiting. Thankfully they are garbage players so they are easily swatted away like the roaches they are but in more compotent hands this would be a nightmare.
On top of this, there is currently a duping exploit that these same players are utilizing which involves dismantling structures.
These issues are game breaking and will eventually lead to player burnout as people will get tired of defending against an infinite onslaught every day. The game was better before transfers when you actually had to put in time if you wanted to hop over to another server to cause trouble. Now it enables toxic trolls to go ham. Get rid of server transfers, just make a way to get eldarium and other siptah resources on exiles simce the cats out of the bag already.


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