Server under DDoS

Hello everyone ! Need help with my private server which been under DDoS(PING 1020) attack for last 25 days.
Can anyone give me any suggestions how to stop DDoS attacks or atleast give a chance current server players to play without PING.
Soo basicly my hoster is gtx but they taking too long to solve it out (25DAYS still nothing).
Runing this server for quite some time and not planing to close server even it is under DDoS for soo long.
Reason is that I have quite few players who invested like 2months+ of theyr real life time by building, exploring and just chilling from real life problems.

Would locking server and giving whitelist status for curent players would give current players a chance to play without PING or would they still feel DDoS.
If you have any ideas, suggestions let me know, share your thoughts.

*Moved server to new machine allready, changed IP.

  • Change server name / IP and sit with current players there is no point as through battlemetrics can track where same players playing.
    *Most IP`s coming from Russia (unfortunetly there is no option to block Russian region).

Server: Dark Moon Empire. Arrival

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