Server wipe on official server

SO i was happily griding along on one of the official Siptah servers…got my character to level 52 and rising,had a horse and an aardwolf sidekick, was gradually building a tower using turanian materials…

and then i log in and my character is on the wrong side of the map from where i logged out, my tower, save point, EVERYTHING i had was gone. Oh, i was still level 52…but everything i had actually DONE had been wiped. WTF?

when did this policy actually start up? how often does it happen?

There are no wipes on official servers. Your tower may have decayed if you were inactive for a longer period of time or if on a pvp server, someone may have destroyed it. You can check the event log (esc) for more details (don’t forget to press submit after you apply the filters).

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But there will be a wipe on official release you can bet on that

lol, dont bet, you aint going to win.

they have said NO wipes on official servers and that includes siptah!

Like stated, NO wipes on official servers…
Even with updates to the landmass… for example new area’s they don’t need to do a wipe.

They will just make it unable to build on the land, but the buildings already standing “may” remain or get destroyed.
A friend of mine had a building long ago on official and when the devs updated the build allowance on some locations his building wasn’t destroyed, but he couldn’t edit or repair it.

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