Servers down again?

My server has gone down twice in 3 days now was alright yesterday cant find it in any list anyone else having the same issue?

yes they seem to be taking a few minutes to show up in the list and some are being put in the wrong list like mine is a PVP server showing up in the PVE-C listing and that listing is wrong.

Yeah not getting anything here no matter how long i wait what list i use really does suck suppose they cant handle the popularity of it atm hopefully it’s sorted fast always happens at prime time as well wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t when everyone is coming online

try manually typing the server name or part of it in the search fiel, with all filters set for everything. Sometimes, G-Portal will move a server, and doesn’t let anyone know. So the IP address will change causing this issue. If that doesn’t help, send in trouble ticket to G-portal, as they handle server issues, with some help from Funcom if necessary.

Yeah i’ve tried searching for it manually with all settings off find a few servers with similar names but not mine gonna send a ticket in i think

if it is private, try messaging an admin of it. good luck.

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