Writing again about this, MAKE an post when you shut down the server

i have been writing about this before but it looks like it needs to be rewritten again. WHY dont you make an post what you are going to do before or atleast at the same time when you are taking the servers down.
Like allways i now have to wait 1-2 hours for the server to come back up again and THEN you make an post. That is only lazy to not inform players before you do anything. And i have been looking at forum but cant find anything.


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I have a question to add. Does Funcom even know if Gportal is going to shut down a server for maintenance. No one tells me when my private server is going to shut down for something. On top of that Gportal site will tell you it’s up.

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whaaaat? time to move

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Ps4 no other options

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