Server closing?

Funcom are you guys joking.

We have 2 home servers and 1 server we did raid on.
All 3 of them did gonna close, we got server messages.
We dismantled all our bases on our 2 home servers and guess what, no server message anymore of the server being moved to a other server!!

What is happening, first letting us dismantle all our bases. Than deciding to not move that server anymore.

I think the merges are on pause right now due to problems theyre fixing, but they will continue them after fixes.

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3 servers seems a bit excessive tbh

If you’re on this LIST you’re going to be merged.

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You are right, found it.

Whats excessive for you, aint excessive for others. Thanks.

Yes they are on the list. But they got paused because Funcom had problems. It confused me abit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Lets hope they make it active soon.

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