Servers still being DDOS?

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PPL getting DCed, everyone, happing on official and private servers

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  1. Play game game, get kicked, pings are maxed out, have to wait, log in, rinse and repeat the past 2 days. everyone sending reports but go ignored. Throw your customers a bone, hell lie to them, just dont ignore them. When this happens it happens to Oficial servers #1000 to #1999 and private servers.

LogNetSerialization:Error: FBitWriter overflowed! (WriteLen: -1, Remaining: 4014, Max: 4014)
Followed by
LogNet:Warning: Closing connection. Can’t send function ‘ServerOperation’ on PlayerController_0’: Reliable buffer overflow…

Closes all connections to the server, one by one, until the server is empty.

This is the error that has me thinking it’s still a layer 7 attack.

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