Set Sanctum Loses Stability

Game mode: [SELECT ONE] Online Official
Type of issue: [SELECT ONE] Bug
Server type: [SELECT ONE] PvE-Conflict - Server 6107
Region: [ America ]
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: No
Edition: [ Select one: Steam

Bug Description: Upon upgrade to sanctum, Set Alter loses stability and disappears

A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

Upgraded the altar to next and final tier, and noticed that after the shape change to the sanctum there was no light beam emitting from the structure, but the time I got to the Sanctum it had disassembled itself with the in game event noting only that it had lost stability…along with all the resources and time put into it.

Steps to Reproduce:

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  1. Step 1 Upgrade altar to Sanctum
  2. Step 2 watch as it properly converts in a wide open area of the base with no obstructions
  3. Step 3 watch as it disintegrates.
  4. Etc.

were there any decorations on it? Was it placed on foundations or directly on the ground.

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I’ve seen the set alter go to t3 and disappear with 500+zeal in it. My guess is it hit the roof of the cave we were in. We don’t use set for bubbles anymore

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Usually T3 altars are bigger than T2 and T1.
And if their hitboxes collide with the environment or other building pieces, they like to go poof.
You have to leave plenty of space if you are placing a T1 altar down and will upgrade later.

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Nope. Same space, @rolee9309 . Where you can fit a t1 altar, you can fit a t3. It will “grow” there, but unless you have the space available from the beginning, you won’t be able to place it.
It’s a 4x4x4 if I’m not mistaken.

When my base wan in the Shattered basin, inside of the cave, I started upgrading my Yog altar to T3, and when it finished, it became a bag… So probably not the width ewhich is the main problem, but the height, because they DO get taller.

So probably that is the problem, because OP mentioned, it was placed in a wide open area.

They do get taller but their box doesn’t, so you need the space from the start. 4 walls high or it won’t place (or it shouldn’t). Do you understand, @rolee9309 ?
However bugs and glitches happen. Your temple collided with the ceiling probably, but you shouldn’t have been able to place it there from the start.

It’s time to run some tests then. :smile:
I kinda have nothing to do in the game other than running around and collecting materials that I already have a crapload of, so it is a good idea to do so!

Sure, @rolee9309 . Place a few foundations , walls and ceilings and go for it.
If you find anything different, let me know. Could you do me a favor and test the shrines of Yog first? They seem a little smaller in lenght and wide, but I think you need 4 walls high too, from the start.

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That has not been my experience.

I have placed a temple, updated it to T2 without issue, then had it pop on T3 upgrade.

So I repeated the process and confirmed it was a stability issue that was caused by collision. Adding another rowe of ceiling tiles resolved the issue.

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So you are saying you could place t1 shrines on spaces less than 4 walls high, @Pugilist ? Because I never could, and I tried. A LOT! :smile:

Not so much height, but, rather length and width.

I had a pad I could JUST fit a Mitra temple on. When it hit T3 it lost stability.

By adding a row and giving it breathing room the issue was resolved.

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I think they are all 4x4x4 but I can be wrong, @Pugilist . Our friend @rolee9309 is testing it, so we will know for sure. I tend to decorate them, so I always place them with a little room, but 4 walls high is a bit, so that was always the one that got me in trouble…


So I just did a quick test (could not do with all altars, IRL problems…), and the results:
Yog was my victim, and all of the 3 tiers can be placed down in a 3x3 foundation, no stability issues.
T1 Pit of Yog can fit under 1 wall height.
T2 is the tallest with the tree, 4 walls high.
T3 is smaller, but still 4 walls.
Weird thing: the tree and the skull are not real models, after you placed it you can put a ceiling as low as 1 wall, and completely wall in all of them. Also, the pit remained the exact width and depth, the sticks with skulls surrounding the pit are not neccessary to touch a foundation, the game allows it to place on a 3x3.
Otherwise you would need 4x4, as you said.
So probably I should test it with Set altars.
Pictures and the results of messing with Set will be uploaded later this day!


Thank you for your report.
Can you please share your clan name and the exact coordinates of where the temple disappeared?

We appreciate your assistance in this matter.