Set Sanctum - Official Bug, FIX! Compensation?!?

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug??
Server type:PVP
Region: America

Went to upgrade set temple to sanctum and right after it finishes it decays? It was on the ground…how? All those resources gone, wasted, 500 zeal gone…wth

There is a fix for this on testlive. Testlive is currently scheduled to move over to live sometime this week.

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Actually I think he might have a different situation than the bug that alters disappear when moving forward.
What I think happened is this:
Alter was placed directly on the ground. This usually means the item will have a short decay timer UNLESS it is close enough to a larger building that has a higher decay time AND the game associated the alter with the larger building and so assigned the higher decay timer to both.
If this happened, then when it upgraded to next alter type it got its own short decay timer and the game did NOT associate it with the larger building at any point.
Maybe this happened because it moved upon upgrade and got too far away from the larger structure for the game to consider it part of it -> so yes the fix on testlive would fix this.

maybe it still would have happened as the alter is a new building and would start with a short timer and it’s a bug that it didn’t pick the larger structures timer.

Lesson to learn is to use a repair hammer to check on the decay timer of your items frequently especially items placed directly on the ground.

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Altar was next to large structure, no worries though.

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