Sets tongue and mitras justice removing all buffs on enemy

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All
Region: All

When you hit an enemy with Sets tongue or Mitras Justice, all their buffs go away. To make matters worse, the ability to reapply buffs is disabled for the until they die or remove their bracelet.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Have the enemy apply buffs and warpaint
  2. Hit the enemy with the Sets tongue or Mitras Justice
  3. The enemy’s buffs will start to disappear prematurely
  4. Have the enemy attempt to reapply the buffs. They will disappear shortly after reapplying them even without being hit again by those two weapons
  5. Kill the enemy or have them remove their bracelet
  6. Have the enemy attempt to reapply buffs. They will be successful
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it is intended, it’s even on the wiki, blessed weapons will remove buffs, that’s why i never go into a fight without a blessed weapon. It’s a nerf for pvp.

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Neither have the keyword Blessed. They have Cleansing, which is the poison removal ability

Check the wiki, I can’t now, from mobile, but i think it’s specified on the wiki, i might be wrong. But i hope this won’t change.

If I’m not mistaken the wiki is user run and not 100 blessed by Funcom. So I’m not sure why you’re saying the wiki is law…

Because @q9c9p conflated Blessed with Cleansing, they were pointing to the Wiki as the only available source of detail to help counter the typographic or potentially translational mistake.

As a player, in my understanding and through practical application, these weapons are intended to remove the buffs from the enemy so that they are weak, spindly, cucumbered and flailing about.

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That’s not the way cleansing is supposed to work.

Cleansing is for your character and should remove negative effects like drunkenness, poison, and corruption.

The added ability to trash the enemy players buffs until death is something that is highly unlikely to be intentional.

My suggestion is going to be get them now before they are patched again. I say again becuase it’s not the first time they have applied incorrect status effects.


Not to be argumentative because you could be right. Just because I like using it and it’s convenient doesn’t mean it’s intended. However, the Scorpion Harness currently imparts partial cleansing on the wearer, right? You would think that feature would be turned on for any weapons that bear the Cleansing moniker – wield them and get clean.

Why couldn’t both intentions exist: defensive items such as armor cleanse the wearer, while weapons and possibly magic might cleanse the enemy?

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You could be right, but if memory servers me, there is no other “Bonus” that has dual purpose. Take corruption for example, Cursed - corrupts the user, Corrupted - Corrupts those hit with the weapon.

If this is intentional this would be the first example in the game of a bonus having dual purposes. It will also be in everyone weapon wheel in PvP and will render buffs completely useless. Why use buffs when they will get taken away in 1 hit and not be reapplied until death? That’s not balance, and that’s why I don’t think it is intentional.


Agreed Wak. I’m surprised i didn’t see the bug listed before considering every competitive pvper out there is
abusing this

When has cleansing mean removing buffs!! devs have confirmed they are broken…

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